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Kaito Ridge

Maple and Birch Syrup Tree Tapping Supplies Kit 36'' Drop Lines

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Make Maple, Birch, or Walnut Syrup at Home! Kaito Ridge tree tapping kits include everything you need to get started.

You'll receive (10) 36'' lengths of 5/16'' diameter drop lines. The drop line tubing is specially formulated for sap collection, and is the same tubing used by professional maple sugaring operations around the country. The blue color also helps provide visibility in the woods, so you can see exactly where you’ve placed your taps for fresh sap collection.

You’ll also receive (10) 5/16” tree saver spouts that are very robust. This diameter spout is the industry standard in sap collection; it allows sufficient sap flow for collection while allowing the tree tap hole to heal within the same year. Other suppliers may provide larger spouts that can be damaging to the tree. We provide 5/16” tree saver spouts as preservation and long-term sustainability are our core values.

Each tree tapping kit includes a maple sap filter which can be used both as a pre-filter for raw sap straight from the tree and as a hot maple syrup filter after your sap boil. Filtering syrup after boiling down your sap helps reduce the amount of sugar sand. Filters can be rinsed and reused.

Along with your supplies is our quick-start sugaring guide with detailed step-by-step instructions detailing how to tap a tree and get started.

Maple tapping season runs from January through April, and varies by region. Birch sap flow begins when maple season ends. Each season's length varies by earth climate patterns from year to year.

Please research the season in your region before ordering, or send us a message for expert advice on exactly when to tap your trees!